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Reviews > Worth Bats > 2012 Worth Resmondo ASA

2012 Worth Resmondo ASA
2012 Worth Resmondo ASA

World Champions Greg Connell and Bryson Baker worked with Worth's engineering team to produce a special precision tuned high performance barrel that works in unison with the thin tapered handle flex, resulting in 4X the rebound. The Worth Resmondo ASA composite was proudly made in the US, by US workers. This is the reason that the Resmondo ASA is so freakin hot! The Worth Resmondo ASA 2 1/4" barrel features a sweet spot that extends (2) inches longer, both ways. This super sized sweet spot location allows the batter to use the most powerful area of the barrel to smack the ball with. The Worth Resmondo ASA 454 composite barrel uses braided Aramid fibers to produce the inner core of the high performance barrel. Aramid fibers are commonly used in aerospace and military applications, these super strong synthetic fibers are also used for ballistic rated body armor. These super strong fibers have been proven to produce a more explosive rebound and are capable of withstanding higher rates of impact without breakage. This provides the professional player with the best performing composite bat with unmatched durability. The maximum allowable (1) one ounce precision placed end load directly improves the batters performance by added bat acceleration during the forward thrust. This additional momentum will result in an explosive force when the ball rebounds from the high performance barrel, adding to the claim that Worth Resmondo composite bats consistently produce dramatically further batted ball distances that our competitors equipment have not been able to duplicate. All new upgraded super thin grip, adding to the great feel of a Worth Resmondo bat. Your Worth Resmondo ASA bat comes with a 1 year limited warranty provided directly by Worth. All associations that accept the 98bpf standards or above. Including ASA, USSSA, ISF, NSA.

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