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Reviews > Combat Bats > Combat Avarice G2 USSSA AVARSP3

Combat Avarice G2 USSSA AVARSP3
Combat Avarice G2 USSSA AVARSP3

Made with Combat's proven Seamless Construction, our SC mean strands of fiber run the length of the bat for uniform strength and a cosistant performance on every hit. Precision molding technology means outer and inner barrel diameters are created with computer-controlled tooling for accuracy and precision control. Approved for play in USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF.
Price Pop Distance Feel Sound Durability Looks Sweetspot Average
10 9 9 8 9 8 10 8 8.77

Reviewer Notes
Location Bat Weight Bat Balance Temperature Balls Used Reviewer Body Wt Reviewer Level
Outside U.S. 28 Slightly End Loaded 50-60 Variety 190-220 C

Comments From jamojuggernaut:

Great bat. Impressive out of the wrapper. Good distance and pop with room to open up more I believe...sure hope so. Looks good and feels good to swing. Nice slight endload. Ball travels quickly off the barrel. Can feel slight vibration if you do not hit the sweet spot. Great bat for a great price, usually can get new under $200 somewhere if you look. I still like the green orginal avarice better though. This one is more stiff than last years version with smaller sweetspot at least when new. Most combats seem to breakdown in the barrel after a short while, which limits the power. I've put great swings on it just doesn't respond as well as other top of the line bats in performance. Good for new and/or novice hitters.

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