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Reviews > DeMarini Bats > 2014 Demarini WTDXST2 Stadium CL22

2014 Demarini WTDXST2 Stadium CL22
2014 Demarini WTDXST2 Stadium CL22

Chris Larsen demanded a bigger end-load to put balls out of stadiums across the country, so we created the Stadium CL22 with an extreme end-load and powerful performance to flat out launch. NSA, USSSA 1.20 BPF, ISA and ISF Approved.
Price Pop Distance Feel Sound Durability Looks Sweetspot Average
8 10 10 10 9 7 8 9 9.17

Reviewer Notes
Location Bat Weight Bat Balance Temperature Balls Used Reviewer Body Wt Reviewer Level
TN 28 Slightly End Loaded 70-80 .44 Core, 400 Compression 190-220 D

Comments From EasyE:

This bat does not take long to break in at all, maybe 30-40 cuts. Its got excellent pop and the ball carries better than USSSA bats I have (Blackout and L1). It is not extremely endloaded like it says on the barrel, but there is a little. I have hit the farthest ball I have ever hit with this bat. I have about 100 swings on it now with no signs of a paint crack as some have stated appears. There was a little clicking sound at the connection that appeared at about 75 cuts when you would swing it back and forth with your wrists, but it has disappeared. Don't know what caused it. Never was slammed on the ground or anything like that.

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