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Reviews > Easton Bats > Easton L4.0 Raw Power SP13L4 Helmer ASA

Easton L4.0 Raw Power SP13L4 Helmer ASA
Easton L4.0 Raw Power SP13L4 Helmer ASA

End-loaded 1-Piece composite design. 12" barrel for maximum power. Single system composite design increases bat control. SIC black carbon handle improves feel and reduces vibration. IMX composite barrel optimizes the sweet spot. 29/32" handle with ultra-thin gauze grip. Meets 2013 ASA bat protocol. Approved for play in ASA, ISF. 6 month warranty.
Price Pop Distance Feel Sound Durability Looks Sweetspot Average
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10.00

Reviewer Notes
Location Bat Weight Bat Balance Temperature Balls Used Reviewer Body Wt Reviewer Level
CA 28 Slightly End Loaded 80 or higher .52 Core, 300 Compression 250 or more E or lower

Comments From ntm1977:

Great bat right out of the wrapper hitting the ball 350' easy was messing around with bp at my old palomino baseball field in Monrovia ca. The base of the ymca wall is 350'-360' the back wall is about 35-40 feet high above, hit the 3rd ball onto the roof it was kinda a silly hit my 80 year old grandmother was tossing me bp and she's all nate where's the ball I didn't see it land . I've got to say this is twice as hot as my scn16bh I've owned a ton of bats but for $140 I need to get a couple more. I would add a pic of the field but they don't have the option , updates this thing is insane just crushing balls out hitting all my usssa bats

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