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Reviews > Louisville_Slugger Bats > 2013 Louisville Slugger Z-2000 USSSA Balanced

2013 Louisville Slugger Z-2000 USSSA Balanced
2013 Louisville Slugger Z-2000 USSSA Balanced

LS-2X composite. iST technology. Balanced swing weight. Synthetic grip, 7/8" standard handle. 12" barrel. USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA approved. (Not approved for play in ASA).
Price Pop Distance Feel Sound Durability Looks Sweetspot Average
9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9.90

Reviewer Notes
Location Bat Weight Bat Balance Temperature Balls Used Reviewer Body Wt Reviewer Level
SC 27 Balanced 60-70 Variety 190-220 C

Comments From sandywh:

Been swinging the OG SCN2 the last few seasons. Due to the new rules I had to break down and pick up a new stamp. I was worried about some drop off from my well broken in SCN2, but right out of the wrapper this bat was almost as good. Cuts the ball very well and when I finally stepped into one (about 30 swings in), it was the second longest ball I've hit in my life. Price was good as I bout it on the bay for $200 NIW. Pop was just shy of a well broken in bat, but still hitting missiles. Distance was amazing when I did try to take the ball deep. It feels really good with solid response when you hit the sweet spot. I don't know about durability, I feel like this bat might not make it to 1000 swings, but we won't know until it does. It obviously looks good, but that's unimportant. With a 12" barrell, it doesn't have as big a sweetspot as I'm used to, but the sweetspot is big enough that I don't have to search for it. Cannot wait to get into tournament ball and see what this bat will do. As of right now it'll go in my bag as my 2nd best bat, but has serious potential to take over the top spot if this beast gets any hotter. **UPDATE** Moved Feel, Durability, & Sweetspot up. Bat is now at 2,000 swings and is a monster. SS has increased dramatically and hits lasers. When distance is required it can dial it up on command. I've put down my SCN2 as long as this one is still around. Sick sick bat.

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