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Miken Triad Xtreme Maxload ASA STR3MA
Miken Triad Xtreme Maxload ASA STR3MA

Xtreme performance with unmathed durability. This hot out of the wrapper 2 pc bat has a huge sweetspot with optimal handle flex to maximize the overall performance. Ideal for players that prefer an endload fell for added power. Designed for ASA .52 COR ball. Made in the U.S.A. ASA approved.
Price Pop Distance Feel Sound Durability Looks Sweetspot Average
8 10 10 10 8 5 10 10 9.23

Reviewer Notes
Location Bat Weight Bat Balance Temperature Balls Used Reviewer Body Wt Reviewer Level
MN 28 Very End Loaded 50-60 Variety 190-220 C

Comments From 1softballfan:

Friend of mine bought this bat so I got to try it out. We used 44/375 and 52/300 balls and this performed good against both. The pop is amazing can hit towering shots with this bat. The distance is very good up there with the very best of the new asa bats. Had no problem hitting homeruns and hitting laser line drives off the fence. The exit speed is scary on this bat. The sweet spot is big hard to miss it. Wasn't a Miken fan didn't like the Freak, Recoil, or much else from Miken cause they never felt good with my swing but the Triad I really like so much I ordered one. Update: My friend's Triad only lasted 200+ swings sending in for another. Just received mine hopefully mine can last longer. Update: Here's the update for my triad I purchased. Got a 27oz feels slightly endloaded compared to the 28oz been using it more since I broke my Combat Dirty hps and its been amazing so far still looking good for durability.

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